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canrock_icons's Journal

Canadian Quality Music Icons
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Welcome to CQMI: Canadian Quality Music Icons. I know the username says Canrock, but that's just because it's shorter. We like other kinds of music too, as long as it's good music. This means that you can post icons of artists varying from Our Lady Peace to Sarah McLachlan, and from Saga to K-Os. Avril Lavigne is touchy (I, personally, like her, but I know she is very hated too) and I wouldn't post Shania Twain or Celine Dion if I were you.

Rules? Of course we have those too.

1. This community is for icons only. Only posts with icons or a request for them are permitted.
2. If you post icons, please put up a set of rules of use too, so that potential users know whether they need to credit, whether it's okay to edit the icons, etc.
3. Tag your posts with the relevant artists. If your icon is of an individual member of a band, tag the band, unless that member has a significant solo carreer. For example, Raine Maida icons should be tagged as our lady peace, but David Usher icons should be tagged as david usher.
4. If you take an icon/icons posted here, FOLLOW the creator's rules.
5. If you post more than 3 icons, please put them behind a cut.
6. If you request an icon, ask nicely and say please :)
7. Look here for a list of the artists currently represented in the community.

Now that's easy, isn't it? I thought so.

Sort of moderated by luna_puella